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Last week we gave you our Guide to Buying Shoes where we taught you how to distinguish quality when you step into a store. This week we want to teach you how to build the base of your footwear collection. With so many choices in every possible color, shape, and material it’s pretty hard for a guy to start from scratch. That’s why we’ve cut it down to the 5 shoes that every guy should have in their closet…

The Brown Wingtip

Crockett and Jones Clifford Wingtip, $695

This is the first shoe you should buy. The brown dress shoe is the shoe you will wear with your grey and navy trousers, and thus a shoe you will wear very often. This is also the shoe that you should not skimp on. Invest in a quality wingtip and you will not regret it. It will be the centerpiece of your footwear collection for years to come. You want something slim, but not too slim, and with gorgeous, preferably antiqued, leather. There are a few options you should check out when looking into a quality wingtip, and they will all cost you. Of course, you could go with Church’s–their reputation for quality footwear speaks for itself. There is also Barker Black, which we promote all the time–their Archdale wingtip is one of our absolute favorite shoes. But we want to point you in a different direction this time.



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