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Wellington Black, $395

If you’ve noticed us promoting velvet slippers a lot recently, then you shouldn’t be surprised that we’re highlighting the company that does it as well or better than anyone else out there. With almost 17 years in the business, Stubbs and Wootton has really hit their stride by offering an array of velvet slippers, needlepoint slippers, and loafers that ought to satisfy anyone with enough flair to put a pair on. Their collection has everything from classic crests to skull and crossbones. That ought to give you the idea that while they understand that the velvet slipper is something classic and elegant, it is also something that most people shouldn’t wear too seriously.

Hunt Brown, $395



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Velvet slippers are somewhat dandyish, but when done right — two ways to do it right: understated or with humor — they’re a great call. The best part about velvet slippers is they offer you an opportunity to transform your formal attire to something a bit more interesting. They allow for the seamless introduction of a smoking jacket or a dinner jacket, or just let you look a bit different in your typical black tux. Side note: make sure your pants are trim or the shoes will be awkwardly dwarfed by the leg-hole. 

So, without further ado, we note that with various formal functions on the radar we must visit a bold footwear company: Stubbs and Wootton. Here are two models of their velvet slippers, each from a different style — one timelessly understated, the other tongue-in-cheek.


The first option is a standard velvet slipper. Its sleek, elegant, and sexy design is the perfect way to make a subtle statement.  The shoe is perfect for a classier occasion or simply for those who just do not want to make a huge scene. Overall, this great shoe is a must have for any closet.

stubbsThe second shoe is a bit more in your face. Perfect for dressing down a tuxedo (yes, that does make sense), or to showcase your fashion prowess, this velvet slipper will be the subject of many conversations and will leave guests loving your audacious behavior. If you want to be a little clever with your velvet slipper, you should stick it to the man: that’s why a pirate skull with swords is such a perfect image — almost a subtle F-you. By contrast, we don’t care for the Ralph Lauren velvet guys with the man on the horse stitched into the toe because it’s far too stuck up. Tone it down buddy: you’re in velvet. 

We like Stubbs and Wootton because they’re really the masters of velvet footwear. They’re shoes fit right and feel like a slipper should, and they look beautiful with soft, plush velvet. The online Stubbs and Wootton store does not offer all of the men’s line, so be sure to check out one of their many stores around the country.

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