When you’re building up a respectable wardrobe, organization is key. It’s great to have all of the basics, but as we all know, a lot of times its the little pieces that really make the difference: watches, cufflinks, stud set, tie bars, tie pins, collar bars. You have so many little pieces that you really should consider investing in a jewelry box that will house all of your little knickknacks. Not only will this come in handy when you’re rushing before a dinner party and can’t afford to go looking for your favorite collar stays, but it is also something that will look great on your bureau. Get one monogrammed and keep it with you as long as you live.  You won’t regret it. And if your buddy busts your balls for having a jewelry box, you’ll get the last laugh when he shows up to the party with only one cuff link.

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Usually, you see the black suit done with a white shirt and a black tie. We at Prepidemic think that look is, well, boring. It works fine for Reservoir Dogs, but if you’re looking for something new, this is what we suggest.

Ralph Lauren Anthony Wool Gabardine Black Suit

Ralph Lauren Wool Turtleneck

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A few years ago, Spurr was just twelve pairs of jeans. With the Pipe leg jeans – a masculine but form-fitting pair of straight leg denim – bolstering the collection, the brand quickly took off.

Fast-forward to 2009. The launch of the Fall/Winter collection threw designer Simon Spurr into the limelight with its luxury tailored goods, gorgeous leathers, and the always reliable denim stealing the show. Awesome peak-lapels. Youthful double breasted suiting. Great outerwear: including a trench, manly leather coats, a charcoal pea coat, and a flawless black down jacket with a higher armhole – rendering a puffy coat form-fitting, masculine, and finally non-Michelin Man-esque.

Spurr Spring/Summer 2010

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Collegiate Wool Jacket & Denim and Canvas Tote

To begin the frenzy of Spring/Summer collections you will be seeing over the next month or so, we give you Club Monaco. After giving them the 2 spot in our 5 guys that killed it in ’09 list, we were happy to get our hands on the pictures of their Spring stock. Tim Farah looks like he’s up to it again, mixing classic tailoring with a modern spin on preppy staples. We particularly love the Clarke Khaki Suit and the Tristian Wool/Cashmere Sweaters. Check out the rest of the collection after he jump.

Cotton Bonded Mac

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The artist, producer, record label owner, and now designer may not be the most well-known guys in the music industry, but he is one of the most well-respected guys to insiders. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, signed some of the biggest names in the business (to his record label Allido), and DJed for some of the biggest parties in the business.

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Now you might think that this is a little out of the ordinary, us doing a store profile on a mall shop. This is true, but what matters most is that we profile the best and most important stores around and this particular Neiman Marcus happens to be one of the former. While most department stores are peddling conservative clothes just so that middle-aged brand-driven men will fill their pockets, this particular Neiman Marcus goes for what looks good–not what sells best. Who would have guessed such a great spot would be found in a mega-mall?

Tom Ford Suits, Shirts, and Ties

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If you have read our blog before, then you probably already know about our excitement over Club Monaco’s collections this year. With Timothy Farah at the helm, tailored goods became the centerpiece of the collection. Fully canvased suits with roped shoulders and functional button-holes priced at $500 ($400 for college students) are what really caught the attention of everyone around town. However, suits weren’t the only things that Club Monaco did right this year–sport coats, outerwear, knits, ties were all top notch in ’09.

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