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Now you might think that this is a little out of the ordinary, us doing a store profile on a mall shop. This is true, but what matters most is that we profile the best and most important stores around and this particular Neiman Marcus happens to be one of the former. While most department stores are peddling conservative clothes just so that middle-aged brand-driven men will fill their pockets, this particular Neiman Marcus goes for what looks good–not what sells best. Who would have guessed such a great spot would be found in a mega-mall?

Tom Ford Suits, Shirts, and Ties



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Storefront at Night

54 Bond St.

Style: “Southern Gentility with a Modern-Vintage Edge” -Billy Reid

Known For: Highly Wearable Pieces with a Distinct Southern Twang

When you walk into Billy Reid’s Bond Street store, you are immediately transported into a different world. You feel like you’ve just walked into a quirky gentleman’s clothing store in the 19th century. With classic portraits and antique mirrors covering the walls, you realize that Mr. Reid has got a very specific aesthetic he’s going for. On this top floor you can find most of his current collection, both mens and womens, of course. This is where you’ll find tons of well made sport coats, shirts, and trousers. You’ll love walking around and feeling the fabrics on his clothes.

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Store Profile: Reiss

309-313 Bleecker St. OR 387 West Broadway, SoHo, NY, NY

Merchandise: All sorts of menswear from suiting to shoes

Known for: Making hip guys manly

But for their location, both New York stores are almost entirely the same in their layout and merchandise sold. (Note that there is a third Reiss in New York, but it is only womenswear.) We had not yet gotten our hands on Reiss’s (pronounced “reece”) merchandise, and had only heard very little about what their deal was.

Perusing their options either on the website or in stores leads to the conclusion that this is a fairly affordable, slightly higher-end brand with masculine stuff like bold peak lapels and exciting patterned spread collar shirts. But it’s not too Tom Ford-esque. Step into the one room store and you hear your usual thumping hipster music. The menswear selection is narrowed down a fair bit from the online selection, and the men’s stuff only occupies about a third of the store.

But the quality, the bang-for-your-buck, is excellent. Interesting fabrics that are soft and thin, bold lapel jackets with trim, sometimes short, cuts and supersoft fabric leads to the feeling that Reiss is more boutiquey than one might expect. In fact, Reiss is probably what you get when you mix a college student’s budget, with a little Tom Ford, with a little hipster.

Service is solid and knowledgeable, though not prize-winning. The only complaint is that some of their best online merchandise — like many of their peak lapel suits and a gorgeous blue/red check shirt — are left only on the internet (they almost exclusively carried notch lapels). 

The clothes fit well off the rack. Shirts are trimmer than usual, but not super slim. Suits are great because they’re made for smaller figures, so only marginal tailoring is necessary after purchase. 

What to get: Suits, shirts

What not to get: Shoes — very guido

Prices: Suits $700-900, Jackets $300-500, Shirts $150ish

Overall: 7.5/10

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198B Elizabeth St., NoLita, NY, NY

Merchandise: Shoes, ties, pocket squares

Known for: Shoes that will make you cry

What you see in this picture is what you get. A tiny room, probably no bigger than your freshman dorm, stocked with the best shoes in the world. In the window you see riding boots, the classic Wolfe loafer, and an array of wingtips. On the walls, you see everything you could dream of wearing on your feet: perfect Archdale wingtips, gorgeous suede loafers (both Wolfe and Crown), and intriguing slippers – their velvet guys are about the best out there. A table in the middle is stocked with about 10 pocket squares, all of differing designs, and several ties. The ties are beautiful silk with hefty amounts of edge: skulls and cross bones, and deep blacks spiced up with bright pastels.

The aesthetic of the clothing is one thing — perfect — and the aesthetic of the store is another — almost perfect. A very cool leather couch, brick painted in black, a British flag as an homage to the brand’s supposed British roots. The only thing lacking: service. A bit nose-up, the salespeople seem to believe that expensive merchandise entitles a gruff tone. Ask the price of a shoe and expect at least an eye-roll. It’s as if you have to be rolling in dough to even step foot in there. Well… we’ll still admire from afar.

What to get here: Anything. Seriously. If you can afford it.

What not to get here: Kind service.

Price range: Pocket squares $60-$80; Ties $120; Shoes $575-well over $1000

Overall Rating: Gorgeous Shoes, High Prices, Poor Service. 7/10

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Thanks to the guys over at Ivy Style for posting this. It’s kind of a video version on our store profiles. Enjoy…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bloomies Store Front

504 Broadway

Style: Department Store

Known For: More Modern and Affordable Than Up-Town Bloomies

We did a profile on Bloomingdales up-town location earlier in the week, and now it’s time to hit its downtown counterpart. Bloomingdales in SoHo is meant for a younger, more fashion-forward crowd that doesn’t quite have the bank account for a Canali suit. The other thing they don’t have is the space. Bloomies on Broadway is a much smaller joint than the one on 3rd Ave., so don’t expect a trip here to be an all-day venture. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great place, but this has definitely got a more boutique feel than your usual department store.


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1000 3rd Ave

Style: Department Store

Known For: The Fashion-Forward Department Store

We did a feature on what we called “The Big Three”, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks. One could have gotten the impression that we were calling these the three best department stores, but that’s not what we were going for. They are the three super high-end department store, but Bloomindales is definitely a more wallet-friendly option. Bloomies has two stores in Manhattan: one on the Upper East Side and one in SoHo. Here is our store profile on the former.


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