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Yesterday, we put up our interview with F.M. Allen President William Woods. Take note boys, as Mr. Woods is the outdoorsy guy that has become endangered over the years. There was once a time when guys weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty–thankfully there are still a couple of guys like Will kicking around.

F.M. Allen Safari Boots

1) A pair of dark brown jodhpur boots. I’m partial to our Pull-on Safari Boots in kudu leather but R.M. Williams’ Comfort Craftsman line is wonderful as well.
2) A good knife. I carry the Spitfire model from Col. Littleton. I love the combination of the traditional bone handle and the more modern blade. It’s lightweight and compact and designed to be opened with one hand. Whether I’m at the office or the store or at home, having a knife handy is incredibly useful.



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F.M. Allen President, William Woods

F.M. Allen is one of those brands that you may not know about, but they’ve been making quality goods for a while. Since 1947, to be exact. The safari-inspired brand keeps it classy, but with just enough of a dandy feel to set themselves apart. We were thrilled to speak with the brand’s president, Will Woods, a man with something that too many people in the fashion world lack: a sense of history — history of menswear, and history of his brand.


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We’re back, with a vengeance. Today we bring to you what Fall ’09 is all about from the people who know it best.

Fall Is Here

Tim Farah, Club Monaco Menswear Designer

I’m noticing an innate need within men to gravitate back to fine men’s tailoring, detailing and general haberdashery. This doesn’t always mean dressing in suits every minute of every day. What it does mean is after a long hiatus of over casual dressing, men are taking more notice in how they are putting themselves together. It’s a return to personal style all over again. The Fall 2009 collection for Club Monaco was designed around this premise. It’s the premise that someone can dress in our finely tailored flannel suit but has the option break it down into different components to fit his personal tastes and environment. The elements from his casual wardrobe may remain, but the addition of tailored pieces and the attention to detail is what differentiates this Fall from the past.

Club Monaco Wright Suit

What this means for you: A $500 ($400 for student) Club Monaco suit, we’re loving their flannel guy. Also, set aside $200, and take everything you can to the tailors. You ought to be able to turn tons of stuff you hardly wear into very respectable options.

David Hart, Designer and Owner of David Hart & Co.

Fall ‘09 is all about ramping up your wardrobe with the right accessories.  Try adding some color in unexpected places like socks, pocket squares, and glasses.  Tartans and flannels are a fun and classic way to achieve this and pair great with dark denim. You’d be surprised what results you’ll see when worn with other classics like grey flannel, Harris Tweed & white oxford.

David Hart & Co. Tartan Bow Ties

What this means for you: A bold David Hart & Co. Tartan Necktie for $115 and a Gant Rugger White Oxford.

Jake Lawson, Co-Owner of Jake

I think that people are looking back, not necessarily to basics, but things in their wardrobe that they can return to year after year. So for guys that means preppy-chic is working really well. Button-ups are really big as well as sweaters and knits. That’s kind of where guys are headed instead of more directional pieces.

J. Crew Cashmere Sweater

What this means for you: Invest in a J. Crew Cashmere V-Neck ($188) and some all-purpose grey trousers by Lova for $286.

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Feeling nostalgic? Try this on for size, prep-lovers: One of the big horses over at Gant served us up something awesome and something exclusive. He dug deep into the archives and uncovered some ads from their Fall of 1981 collection that the company shot at Princeton University with actual Princeton students.

We’re talking stereotypical Princeton. Blonde crew-cuts. Bright colors. Football jocks. And a Rolls Royce?

If that’s not your bag, take a look at the garb. Gant’s Fall ‘81 collection emphasized collegiate sportswear with designs and colors oozing with school pride. In the last picture, one sees a black and white drawing for a shirt and tie that appears to be in the catalogue so that one could color in his school colors for Gant to design in future seasons (provided that Gant didn’t already offer clothing for the said school).

Also of note is the picture with the tartan shirts on the table. These were called The Woolster, but interestingly, the Woolster is somewhat of an earlier reference to The Cashmere, which is one of Gant’s 60th anniversary shirts.

We’re personally huge fans of the gorgeous array of colorful pants and the beautifully designed wide selection of rugbies that were part of the Rugger line. Bring those back, Gant.

Thanks go out to Gant for their cooperation in sending us these images.

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In the world of affordable menswear, it seems like J. Crew has cast a shadow over the competition for some time now. Well, thankfully, it looks like Club Monaco is ready to step up and offer guys everywhere a new option for their shopping. With modern aesthetics and 20% for all college students with an ID, they have done a lot to align themselves with young guys who want to up the sartorial ante. However, their best move was hiring Brooks Brothers Black Fleece alumnus Timothy Farah to be the Director of Menswear. He has put a greater focus on proportions and led Club Monaco into the forefront of well-priced menswear. We were thrilled to talk to the man himself about $500 suits, the art of proportions, and what Club Monaco has in store for us this fall.

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Club Monaco Fit Guide

Club Monaco Fit Guide

PM: Everyone’s really high on these $500 suits. How do you balance design and price? How do you feel about the end product?


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You know those emails you get every morning telling you what Gilt Groupe will be selling today? They’re from this guy. John Auerbach is an i-banker turned fashion man who is responsible for the success of the men’s business at what is arguably the most successful member’s only shopping website. With intricate knowledge of the financial market and a sophisticated understanding of menswear, Auerbach hopped on board with Gilt Groupe in 2007 and devoted himself to the cause of legitimizing the men’s sales, and for that, we are infinitely grateful. We were honored to speak with him.


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