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Sure, we’re pretty traditional, but that’s why we love this experimental piece. It takes the classic peacoat’s form, makes it a quilted wool piece, adds an asymmetrical zipper, and repels water. Finally a handsome jacket that will keep you warm, snag you a few head-turns of appreciation (surely some from the ladies) for some fashionability, and still somehow keep you looking trad. Fay is definitely a brand whose outerwear is worth possessing, and we continue to look to them for some of the industry’s best in quality and design. Invest, invest, invest in this guy for $1650 at Barney’s.


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198B Elizabeth St., NoLita, NY, NY

Merchandise: Shoes, ties, pocket squares

Known for: Shoes that will make you cry

What you see in this picture is what you get. A tiny room, probably no bigger than your freshman dorm, stocked with the best shoes in the world. In the window you see riding boots, the classic Wolfe loafer, and an array of wingtips. On the walls, you see everything you could dream of wearing on your feet: perfect Archdale wingtips, gorgeous suede loafers (both Wolfe and Crown), and intriguing slippers – their velvet guys are about the best out there. A table in the middle is stocked with about 10 pocket squares, all of differing designs, and several ties. The ties are beautiful silk with hefty amounts of edge: skulls and cross bones, and deep blacks spiced up with bright pastels.

The aesthetic of the clothing is one thing — perfect — and the aesthetic of the store is another — almost perfect. A very cool leather couch, brick painted in black, a British flag as an homage to the brand’s supposed British roots. The only thing lacking: service. A bit nose-up, the salespeople seem to believe that expensive merchandise entitles a gruff tone. Ask the price of a shoe and expect at least an eye-roll. It’s as if you have to be rolling in dough to even step foot in there. Well… we’ll still admire from afar.

What to get here: Anything. Seriously. If you can afford it.

What not to get here: Kind service.

Price range: Pocket squares $60-$80; Ties $120; Shoes $575-well over $1000

Overall Rating: Gorgeous Shoes, High Prices, Poor Service. 7/10

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Ralph Lauren just put up their winter collection online last week. Although it’s not something revolutionary, we’re in the Christmas mood and this is the closest we have in the fashion world right now. They have some surprisingly solid Christmas sweaters that will look good in places other than a tacky Christmas party. Along with their knitwear, they have some solid flannels as well as great caps, scarves, and gloves. Definately worth checking out if you’re feeling holiday-ready. Check out Ralph Lauren’s Holiday Collection here.


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The down jacket is a winter favorite, but one that is so often done poorly. When most people get a down jacket, they get something that is super puffy and makes them look like the Michelin Man. A puffy jacket can be a really cool and modern look, but you have to make sure you get a slim-fitting jacket. Thankfully, up-and-coming superstar Spurr has solved your puffy jacket problem. Much like the Burberry bomber jacket, this may not be for those whose winters drop below freezing, but it will definitely keep you warm when it starts to get chilly. It’s slim cut and will give you a very stylized look come winter. Look for the jacket at Bergdorf Goodman and Scoop.

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Black Friday

The big day is here. The most conflicting shopping day of the year. On one hand you want to get outside and pick up all the deals you can, on the other hand you don’t want to go anywhere near a store for fear of being trampled. If you’re in New York, we’ll point you to Racked NY for all of the sales that are worth checking out. Good luck…

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Burberry Bomber Jacket


So we wouldn’t exactly suggest this one for a winter in Maine, but if your winters are on the more mild side, then take a look at Burberry’s Quilted Bomber Jacket. When everyone else wears a peacoat or topcoat you can break the mold with this guy. It’s nice and trim so it’ll be flattering to your figure if you’re tired of clunky outerwear. You can always trust Christopher Bailey when it comes to design and Burberry’s quality speaks for itself. This will definitely get the job done for most of the winter, but if the temperature really dips down you can always layer to keep warm. Pick up your Bomber for a reasonable $450 at Burberry.

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As we all prepare for the feast of the year, we hope you make sure to pick a holiday appropriate outfit.

J. Crew Cashmere Sport Coat

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece White Shirt


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