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Burberry F/W ’09

burberrySure, we try to stick to classic preppy looks, but we felt as if this collection from Burberry was really something great. Christopher Bailey has been killing it since his arrival, and this collection in no different. Perfect proportions and textures mixed with simple coloring are really what stand out in the collection. The outerwear is really top notch as you would expect from Burberry, but we’re pleasantly surprised by the denim. Take a look at the full collection after the jump.



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j crew cardigan

Too many think that the cardigan is either for the hipster or the 90 year old man. The common man doesn’t see how it fits into their wardrobe because they feel that in order to pull it off, they need to have a size 27 waist. Well, that’s not the truth. Actually, the cardigan can be a great play for a guy who has a larger frame because it will slim your midriff. Get something simple, like this one by J. Crew, and wear it under a blazer. It’ll act as almost a cool vest, giving you a pseudo 3-piece suit kind of look. It’s tough to find a good cardigan, though, because you need something that isn’t overly chunky, but cashmere can run close to $1,000 at times. That’s why we want you to take a look at merino. It’s almost like a poor man’s cashmere because of the way it feels. You can get this one from J. Crew for $85.

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gilt_app_screenshot_onthegoGilt Groupe just rolled out a little iPhone app called Gilt on the Go. Basically, you download the app in the iTunes store for free and it makes shopping Gilt away from home pretty easy: you get sale alerts sent to your iPhone, you can then shop the day’s active sales from wherever you are, check out in under a minute, preview upcoming sales, and select your favorite categories in one click.

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of Jil Sander, be sure to go to Uniqlo in Manhattan this Thursday. The Jil Sander collaboration with Uniqlo, UNIQLO +j will finally be unveiled (it’s unreal, for the record) to the public for purchase. This has been a highly anticipated event for a couple months now, as it brings a heavy hitter designer’s minimalistic aesthetic and blends it with Uniqlo’s affordability and utter practicality.


We’re looking at:

• Outerwear: $79.50-$149.50
• Shirts: $39.50
• Pants: $49.50
• Cut and sewn: $19.50-$39.50
• Cashmere: $129.50-$149.50
• Accessories: $29.50-$99.50

And don’t worry. That peak lapel suit won’t set you back either: no item goes for over $200.

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Jil Sander Hits the Net


These days it seems like all brands are trying to keep you from actually finding their stuff. You have to hike to some big city to get a look and they refuse to let you see their stuff on the interweb. But Jil Sander has just announced that as of tomorrow you can shop the line on the web at jilsander.com. That means everything — including suits, jackets, and those awesome overcoats.

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American Apparel Navy Hoodie

American Apparel Navy Hoodie

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, one can look stylish in a hoodie. Everyone just seems to assume that a hoodie is a no-go in the world of fashion because they are worn by every layman on the globe. Well, today the fashion police get a slap in the face. People need to understand that a hoodie can look very stylish provided it is worn well. Get something that is simple, like this one by American Apparel, and wear it under a blazer. This may seem like an unlikely combo, but when all the proportions are done well, it shows off your style. Or throw it on over a plaid button-down and let your cuffs show a bit. This hoodie is great for a chilly day in the city, and if the weather warms up a bit, you can ditch the blazer. Make sure that you get a the right size because you want your hoodie to be snug to your body and hit right below the belt. You can get yours for $37 at American Apparel.

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Get Your Boot On

Now that the weather is taking a turn for the worse, it’s nice to have something a little more bulky on your feet than those slim dress shoes you’ve been wearing all summer. Take a queue from GQ’s Jim Moore and Adam Rappaport and buy some boots this fall.

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